The Waving Bee brings you some lovely bee themed paintings and drawings for sale from Pencil and Leaf ..Buy some and help the bees too...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leafcutter Bee Prints

I have prints for sale!!!!

I am starting with the lovely little Leafcutter Bee, off to collect some rose leaf curls for her nest which is from this painting here, and she is, of course starring on my “Buzz” exhibition poster.

buzz a4 poster

The Print

Simple and unfussy with a fine grey line border. Image size approx 6 " by 6". They are printed on 8.5" x 11" good quality watercolour paper which would be perfect, matted, in an 11" x 14" simple frame.

leafcutter print sml

They will be each be signed individually in the bottom right corner.. and I usually write the name of the bee under the border too.. that is how it will come if you don’t tell me otherwise.

These are digital prints treated with a protective spray but you should treat them like original watercolours i.e. protect behind glass, do not hang in full sun and do not get damp. Each print will be mailed to you in protective cellophane and in a rigid mailer.

The price is $18.50 each including first class postage to USA and Canada only at the moment.

I have just 4 prints and if you would like one you need to get back to me before Wednesday 19th May before I leave the USA!!!!

Sorry SOLD OUT more soon

If you have any queries or special requests for a particular bee print just send me an email..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why is that Bee Waving?

It’s because it is saying hello, but also because it maybe needs a bit of help. Since starting to paint bees back in the autumn, (I think I have got to 40 now), I have become more and more fascinated by them and concerned about their welfare. So I am gathering together my paintings and drawings and prints and am going to be selling them .. here and linked to my Waving Bee Etsy account too.

I will be able to help the bees.. the more I can sell the more I can donate to the bee charities, buy some more wild flower seeds, spread the word etc.  It makes me feel good to do that! .. so my first print on Etsy will be of the simple but lovely bumblebee and ginkgo leaf. A print taken for my original etching.

Should be available in a few days time!…Sometimes simple is beautiful.   

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coming soon..... some bee cards and prints for sale!